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Used EngineSweden is not only exactly one of the most popular countries, when you are thinking of nations that build some of the finest automobiles in the world. However, one name that will make you realise that this country too is a front runner when it comes to cars is Volvo. This Swedish brand has been manufacturing cars since 1927, and is known to offer sturdy cars, which will last a really long time.
Today, Volvo offers a range of coupes, sedans, compact executive sedans, station wagons as well as sport utility vehicles. While the company’s biggest markets are in the US, UK, Belgium, Germany and of course Sweden, these days, the cars can be found in countries as far as India and China too. The popularity of this brand can be attributed mainly to the fact that it is an extremely powerful machine, which requires minimal maintenance.

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If you own a Volvo too, then you would know that there would be very few times, where your car would have let you down. However, at the end of the day, this too is a car and there will be one day, when your car will stop working. When that day comes, you might have to change the engine and that would be the time, when you will need us. When you think of purchasing a used engine, we realise that you are stepping into a territory that you might not have ventured into before. We understand that you would be worried about whether the engine you are buying will be a genuine one and whether it will really prove to be value for money.
In order to clear all such doubts about a rebuilt engine and the actual process of purchasing the same from us, we have recruited an entire team, which functions with the sole intention of assisting you. They have been provided with proper training, which enables them to offer you with precise answers, as opposed to reading off a pre-prepared script.
When we receive a call, asking us to locate a Volvo engine, we will ask you to provide us with only three details – your vehicle identification number, the details of the particular part that you are looking to replace and the address to which we will ship the product. Once you have given us these details, you can sit back and relax, while we work towards locating the ideal replacement engine for you.
The moment your call is over and the order is placed, our team springs into action. Their first step will be to use the VIN and locate all the crucial details about your car. This will include the model, make, year of manufacture and the specific type of engine that your car will require. With this information in hand, we will call up our extensive network of suppliers, because we are sure that one of them, will certainly have the engine we need to source for you.

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Our network has been built over the years, and includes suppliers located all over the country. Each of them has been chosen with care, because we aim at collaborating with only those who have a commitment to offering the best. It is with this aim in mind, that our suppliers will ensure that engine they acquire is genuine and legitimate. Then starts the process of creating remanufactured engines – wherein the old engines are taken apart, cleaned, repaired (defective parts are replaced) and then reassembled.
We also ensure that the engine is given another check at our own end, and finally we consider the engine worthy enough for your car. Our final step is to send the engine to you, along with all the necessary paperwork, including a guarantee.

  • Volvo 120 Series
  • Volvo 140 Series
  • Volvo 160 Series
  • Volvo 1800
  • Volvo 240
  • Volvo 260
  • Volvo 30 Series
  • Volvo 40 Series
  • Volvo 444/445
  • Volvo 50 Series
  • Volvo 544
  • Volvo 60 Series
  • Volvo 70 Series
  • Volvo 740
  • Volvo 760
  • Volvo 780
  • Volvo 80 Series
  • Volvo 850
  • Volvo 90 Series
  • Volvo 940
  • Volvo 960
  • Volvo F7
  • Volvo FE6
  • Volvo Truck
  • Volvo XC90
  • Other Models...
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