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There are plenty of people in the world, who drive each and every day, but have little knowledge about what make a car run. They might know the basics about the engine, but talk to them about a transfer case and they would have no idea what the same is.
In the simplest of terms, a transfer case is actually a part of a four-wheel-drive system, and these are found in all four-wheel-drive as well as all-wheel-drive vehicles. The case is linked to the transmission and more importantly to the front and rear axles. The connection is maintained through drive shafts. The main aim of the transfer case is to relay the power, which it receives from the transmission, to the rear and front axles, which is what allows the wheels of the car to spin.
In most cases, the transfer case will last as long as the actual car itself, but there are some times when the car will come to a standstill. Actually, if the transfer case stops working, the car will too.

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There are plenty of reasons why a transfer case could stop working, but heavy hauling and constant drives on off-roads are two of the main. The fact that the transfer case sits beneath the actual engine, there are more times than one that it is ignored, even during regular servicing. Given that there are no tell-tale signs that the transfer case is reaching the verge of faulty, there are many times that the car comes to a spluttering stop.
While you could always invest in a brand new transfer case, at Sharp Used Engines, we offer you a better alternative – used transfer cases. We understand your apprehension, when the term ‘used’ comes up, but we can assure you that when you purchase a transfer case from us, it will be in the best condition possible.
Just as with our engines and transmissions, when we receive a used transfer case, our engineers take it apart, ensuring that each part of it is working properly. If there is any issue with it, we will make sure that the faulty part is replaced and the transfer case is in the best condition possible.
Each of the remanufactured transfer cases is sold with a proper warranty, and this allows our customers to be confident about their purchase. Should there be an issue with the original transfer case that came with your car, we could also simply replace the faulty parts and ensure that the case starts working properly, once again.
All we will need to assist you is your vehicle identification number, which will allow us to find details such as the model and make of your car as well as the year in which it was manufactured. These details will enable us to locate the specific details about the transfer case as well.
As is the case with all our engines and transmissions, even our transfer cases will be accompanied with proper paperwork and guarantees. Whether you are looking at purchasing a gear driven type of transfer case or a chain driver one, we will have it for you.
We understand that there are plenty of companies out there which will promise you a great transfer case in the minimal rates possible, but we are also aware that many of them are not genuine. Over the years, we have understood that customers would rather go to a company that offers them great services and reliable products, as opposed to someone who has glitzy advertisement campaigns. This is why, we have chosen to build our brand based on hard work and genuine products. Allow us to find you the perfect transfer case and we can promise you that you will not be disappointed.

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