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Used Engine There is a reason that people who own a Saab, love their car so much. Apart from the fact, this is one of the finest brands of cars, coming from Sweden; there are several firsts that are associated with this name. For instance, Saab was the first car that had seatbelts fitted as a standard. This was also the first brand of cars, with split-field side mirror, the 16-valve turbocharged engine and also the first car to offer CFC-free air-conditioning.
Hence, it would come as no surprise that those who own a Saab, would take care of it like one would of a child. So, when the situation arose where they are told that the only way their Saab will continue working is by replacing the engine, it would be easy to understand their despair. It would be a bigger concern, when they have to venture into the world of used engines, because they realise that a new engine could cause a serious drain in their savings.

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However, if you choose to join hands with Sharp Used Engines, you can be sure that you will have little to worry about. We have not only an expertise in educating you about the right engine for your precious car, but also sourcing the same for you, in the minimal amount of time. In addition, we also aim at sourcing engines, which are easy on your budget.
There is little you have to do, because we endeavour at providing our clients with a hassle free experience – this means, that your engine will only be a phone call away, because we will take care of everything in between. When you give us a call, we will ask for only three details:
• Your vehicle identification number
• The part that you wish to replace
• The address to which we will be sending the part
Once you have given us the above mentioned information, we will be able to locate all the information that will be required to find your precise engine. Your vehicle identification number will allow us to look through our database and find details such as the model, the make and the year of manufacture. In addition, the VIN will also let us decipher the exact type of engine, the car runs on. This will make it much easier to find the exact replacement engine.
We are confident that we can send an engine for your Saab at the earliest, because we have been able to build a network of suppliers. Each of our suppliers has been chosen with care and has a range of remanufactured engines stored in their warehouses. When they receive an engine, they firstly ensure that the engine is a genuine one and has been sourced through legitimate channels. Then, their engineers take the engine apart, clean it out, repair or replace faulty parts and then finally put the engine back.
Since the rebuilt engines have already been checked and repaired, they are stored in the warehouse, simply awaiting their ‘call’. So, the moment we call our suppliers and provide them with the exact details, we know that they will only need the time to locate the engine in their warehouse and have it sent to us.
Even though we are confident about our suppliers and their team of engineers, we take no chances. This is why, we have our own team of engineers, who will check the engine, all over again, just to make sure that there was nothing left to chance. If in case, they do find something wrong, they will either try to rectify it or have the engine replaced altogether. It is only when they are completely satisfied, that we will consider sending the engine to you!

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