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Used EngineThe history of The Pontiac Buggy Company goes back to 1893, but it was only in 1907, that the company decided that they would get into the business of making automobiles. Little would have Albert North and Harry Hamilton known that their company would one day become world renowned and sell cars that would be loved by all who owned them.
Even today, the Pontiac is recognised as one of the best cars on the road, and while the production units are still located in Detroit, Michigan, USA, the cars can be seen in all parts of the world.
At Sharp Used Engines, we understand how precious your Pontiac is to you, and why you would be close to heartbroken, if you were told that your car was not going to run, unless the engine is changed. We recognize your plight, when you think of your pocket, because you do realise that purchasing a new engine will burn a hole right through it. We also understand that you would be worried about buying a used engine, because you would think about things like whether it will be genuine and more importantly, whether it will work or not.

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Allow us to tell you a little more about why you should consider purchasing your Pontiac replacement engine from us.
• When you call us, you will have a hassle free experience, because you will be required to provide only three pieces of information – your vehicle identification number, the part that you are looking to replace and the shipping address.
• The engine that you purchase from us is an authentic remanufactured engine and we will provide you with all the paperwork related to the engine, including the sale receipt and certificate of guarantee.
• Each engine is put through a careful scrutiny, wherein the engine is dismantled and checked. Not only is the engine cleaned inside out, but also all faulty parts are repaired or replaced. This is done to ensure that the engine is in perfect condition and will offer you optimum service.
• We also carry out a second set of tests, which is conducted at our own premises in order to ensure that nothing was missed out in the first place.
• It is only after these numerous tests and checks that we consider engine worthy enough of being sent out.
Even if after all these facts, you are not convinced that you should come to us with your requirements related to a rebuilt engine, feel free to talk to us. We have hired a number of people, who are there only to talk to you and answer all your queries. Having been in this industry for a long time, we understand that you are not looking at getting answers from a pre-prepared script. Rather you would want answers that are customised to your particular questions and that is exactly what we aim at giving you.
In addition, we understand that you would rather have great service, than an advertisement that looks flashy. This is why, we have opted to offer you with service that will remain with you a long time, instead of a banners and posters. For years, our aim has been to allow our customers to save big, have their cars running in the finest condition possible and not have to return to us, for a really long time!
So, if your Pontiac is giving you trouble too, simply give us a call, and we will make sure that your engine reaches you in no time. Your local mechanic will be able to replace the engine, and before you known it, you will be zipping around town, yet again!

Call Us Right now at 1-888-289-0402

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