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Used EngineWhether you own a Nissan, an Infiniti, a Datsun, or a NISMO, you ultimately own a Nissan car and you would have chosen well. The entire Nissan gamut of vehicles comes from a company that is originally Japanese and when it comes to any kind of machine, including cars, there is no denying that the Japanese know what they are doing.
Nissan might be the sixth largest car manufacturing company in the world, but what they create is also cars, and like any car, these too can face issues. There is also quite the possibility that the engine stops working altogether and the only way out is to replace it. While you could always choose the easy way out and invest in a brand new engine, there is an easier way too.
That easier way starts with your making a phone call to Sharp Used Engines. We, at Sharp Used Engines, assure you that not only will we find the exact engine that you are looking for, but also one that suits your budget the best. Since the past several years, we have created a network that includes dealers and suppliers, located all over the world. Each of these suppliers is chosen with care, because it is through them that we can assure you high end service. When you call us, with your requirement for a remanufactured engine, we will ask you very few questions.

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we will request you for the VIN or vehicle identification number, which will allow us to trace the entire legacy of your vehicle. By legacy, we mean details such as the make and model of the car, the exact type of engine the car uses and which year the car was manufactured in. We will also request you to provide us with the details of the part that you are looking for and finally, an address, to where you would want the engine shipped to.
Used Engine Once we have these details, we will move into action – we will get in touch with our dealers who will, in all probability, have your engine already waiting for you, in their warehouse. Before an engine is stored, it is subjected to several tests and checks. As a matter of fact, each engine is dismantled and cleaned thoroughly. The engineers check the engine for any defects or defective parts, and should any be found, the same are either replaced or repaired. It is only after these steps are completed that the engine is sent into storage.
The engines are stored in the warehouse with care and precision and it is the precise system that allows our dealers to locate a particular engine, within no time. As soon as they locate the engine that we are asking them for, they send it across to us. Even after the engine reaches us, we do not consider it worthy of being dispatched to you immediately. This is because our own engineers will not stamp it cleared, till the time they have checked it themselves. This second round of tests and checks is done to ensure that nothing was missed the first time. It is only after affirmation from our engineers, that we consider sending the engine to you.
When we dispatch the engine to you, we will ensure that it is accompanied with all the required documentation. This would include a certificate that proves the authenticity of the engine, as well as the fact that it is a legitimately sourced engine. In addition, we are so confident about the engines that we sell, that we will provide you with a proper guarantee as well.

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