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Used EngineIn the year 1937, Edsel Ford, decided that he wanted more and hence decided to start making a new brand of cars. His main intention was to offer clients a car, that was somewhere between the high end Lincoln and the base level Ford. He wanted this new car to have the style and element of luxury that was close to the Lincolns, but would cost only a fraction.
Hence was born the brand that we all know as Mercury today! From the beginning, Mercury was aimed at being a great car, which proves to be great value for money. Even today, people who own a Mercury, talk about it as being one of the better cars in the market. From luxurious sedans to fantastic SUVs, there is a lot that brand Mercury has to offer to customers.
But even the strongest of vehicles are machines and can cough up issues, once in a while. At times, the problem is minor and can be taken care of by your local mechanic, but there might be times, when the problem is graver. One such situation that could present itself in front of you would be where you have to replace the entire engine to keep your car running.

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While you could surf the internet, trying to locate a good enough place for you to purchase a used engine, we would suggest that you place a single call to us. We are Sharp Used Engines, and we are the leaders in the field of offering a range of remanufactured engines. So, if you own a Mercury and are looking to replace the existing engine.
Once you have located the model of your car, all you have to do is give us a call. Our team member will ask you for a few more details, including the VIN, the exact part that you are looking for and the address to which you would want the product sent to.
The VIN stands for the vehicle identification number and is unique to each car – with this number, not only will we be able to find which year your car was made in, but also which engine works best with it. In addition, with details related to the part you are looking for, finding the exact engine, will be nothing more than child’s play for us. We understand that you might be concerned that the replacement engine that you are buying from us, might not be up to the mark. Allow us to take you through our regular process:
• In order to procure engines for you, we have established a network of suppliers, located at strategic geographic locations.
• Each of these suppliers has been chosen with care, based on their own reputations and commitment to offering quality products and within a stipulated time frame.
• Each of our suppliers has a team of well qualified engineers, who ensure that the engines they receive are in good condition. They go on to take the entire engine apart to not only clean it, but also repair or replace any faulty parts.
• All our suppliers have huge warehouses, where these rebuilt engines are stored with care.
• When they receive a call from us, we are sure that they will have the engine ready to be sent to us.
• Once the engine reaches our hands, we have our own team of engineers, who will give it yet another inspection. Only when our engineers give us the green signal, do we consider it worthy of being sent to you.
• When we send the engine to you, which should be in a matter of a few days after you placing the order, we will make sure that the appropriate paperwork accompanies the same.

Call Us Right now at 1-888-289-0402

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