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Used Engine While Japan and the United States of America might be well recognised as leading car manufacturers in the world, there is one South Korean brand that is just as popular. KIA has been around since 1944 and till date has offered the world some of the most beautiful and powerful cars in the world. For people who own a KIA car, there would be no better car in the world, because it is known to offer great mileage and require minimal maintenance.
No matter how wonderful your KIA car is, there is the remote chance that the engine might stop working. It does not matter which of the below mentioned models you own, there is the chance that at some point of time you might have to consider a replacement engine.
Now that your mechanic has told you that there is no other option but to replace the existing engine in your car, you have two options in front of you – one is to purchase a brand new engine, or you could consider investing in a used engine. When someone talks about purchasing a used engine, there would be an obvious fear, because the person considering this purchase would have plenty of questions. They would wonder if the engine that they are buying is an original one, whether it will last them a long time and whether it will offer them true value for money.
However, when you give us a call at Sharp Used Engines, we can assure you that you will have little to worry about. All we will ask of you is the vehicle identification number, information about the part that you are looking for, and the address to which we will eventually send the same. After this, you have little to be concerned about, because we will take over.

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The minute we receive an order, we set about locating the precise engine and this is where your VIN comes into play. This number allows us to find out exact details about the make and model of your car, which in turn allows us to locate the exact engine or transmission. Once we have figured out these details, we will put in a call to our dealers, who have almost all engines waiting at hand.
Each of our dealers has been chosen with care and they too have a promise towards offering the best engines and spare parts. When they acquire a new engine, they ensure that it is cleaned properly and all faulty parts are replaced immediately. They then store the rebuilt engine in a warehouse, where it has a tag or code attached with it, and it is using this code that they are able to locate the engine that we ask for, in a flash. Finally, they dispatch then engine to us as soon as possible.
Even when we get a completely checked and remanufactured engine, we are not satisfied, which is why our own engineers take a look at it again. They will, yet again, subject the engine to several tests and checks and when they are finally satisfied, will we send the engine to you. In addition, to show our confidence in the engine that we are selling to you, we will provide you with proper paperwork and warranty.
If you are still looking for more information on used engines, feel free to give us a call!

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