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Used Engine For people who love exploring the great outdoors and frequent terrains that cannot be traversed using a normal sedan car, there would be no better vehicle than the Jeep. Part of the Chrysler Group LLC, the Jeep has been around since a long time. As a matter of fact, the very first Jeep was manufactured in 1941 and it was considered the very first off road vehicle.
Even though the jeep is a powerful vehicle, there is quite the chance that the engine or transmission might develop some troubles. Sometimes, the issue is a small one and your local mechanic might be able to take care of it. However, there are times when the problem is much more severe and the only way out would be to replace the entire engine. There is no doubt that buying a brand new engine would be the first thought that crosses your mind. But the moment you start surfing the internet, looking at the process or procuring a new engine and its related costs, you might find yourself looking for other ways out.
It might be during one such internet search that you come across us – we are Sharp Used Engines, and we are the leaders in the world of offering remanufactured engines.

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While we understand that you might be a little sceptical about investing in a used engine, we are here to clarify all your doubts. Here are some of the questions we most often face:
• How do I know that the engine I am buying is a genuine one?
We can assure you that we have created a network of suppliers and dealers who have proven their mettle to us. They have established a transparent methodology of acquiring used engines, with all the appropriate paperwork. When we ask them to locate a particular engine, they will do so with care and then send the engine to us.
• How do I know that the engine will be in proper working condition?
Our dealers have an entire team of engineers and machinists, who take charge of the engine, the moment it reaches them. They carefully dismantle the engine and wash as well as clean the same. Their next step is to check for parts that might not be working properly. They will ensure that such parts are either repaired or completely replaced. They will run several tests and checks to ensure that the engine is in the best condition.
In addition, we have our engineers and mechanical experts who will check the engine all over again, to ensure that nothing was missed in the first set of checks and tests. • How do I know that the engine I am buying has been stored properly and will reach me in a good condition?
Our suppliers have established cast warehouses, where the rebuilt engines are stored with care. Each engine is given a code, which makes it easy to locate, at a moment’s notice. The minute an order is placed for an engine, our suppliers will pick it out from their warehouse and send it across to us.
• What details do I need to provide to purchase an engine?
We will ask you for only three things – your vehicle identification number, the details of the part that you are looking to replace and the shipping address to which you would want the part sent to.
• How good will this replacement engine be?
We can assure you that each engine we sell offers performance as good as a new one – you will notice good mileage and will require minimal maintenance, post replacement. Give us a call and let us locate the ideal engine for you, while you sit back and simply wait to hear your Jeep purr, yet again!

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