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Used EngineIf someone told you that they owned a car that was ‘born’ in the early 1900s, you would not give much credibility to that. However, if someone told you that they owned a Jaguar, you would suddenly pay attention. Without a doubt, Jaguar is one of the most renowned brands of cars and is recognised as the epitome of luxury and style.
The Swallow Sidecar Company was renamed Jaguar only after the Second World War and eventually by 2008, it had been taken over by Tata Motors. Irrespective of which company stood at the helm, the factories continued to manufacture beautiful and powerful vehicles. Till date, owning a Jaguar is considered nothing less than a true style statement and talks volumes about the person who owns it.
The Jaguar engines prevalent today include the Jaguar AJ-V8 engine— the V8 which is a fourth generation Jaguar engine, the Jaguar AJ-V6 engine—the V6 which happens to be a variation of a Ford engine and the Jaguar AJD-V6 engine—the V6 diesel engine, which was originally designed by Ford.
But no matter how powerful or well-designed an engine is, at the end of the day it is an engine and there is quite the possibility that it might suffer damage of some kind. At times, the damage is irreparable, which means that you will have to replace the engine, in order to keep your car running.
This is when you will find yourself at a crossroads – should you invest in a brand new engine or whether you should venture into the world of used engines. While a lot of people might be sceptical about investing in the latter, there are actually plenty of benefits to be reaped, provided you choose correctly.

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There are some essential questions you need to ask, before you decide which dealer to choose for your remanufactured engines related needs. Here are the most important ones:
• Ask them whether they will offer you an engine that matches your model and make of car.
• Enquire about their practices, which include taking an order and completing it.
 Ideally, when you put in a call to place your order, the dealer should ask you for your vehicle identification number, details about the part that you are looking for, and the address to which you would like the part shipped to.
• Most companies that dabble in the field of replacement engines have their own suppliers, who will arrange the engine, transmission or other spare parts. So you need to enquire about their suppliers too.
 Enquire whether they have their own set of engineers, who take apart each engine that they receive.
 Each engine should be thoroughly checked and cleaned. If any parts require replacing, the same should be done immediately.
 The supplier should have a good warehouse, where all the repaired engines should be stocked with care and precision.
 Ideally, when a call is placed to the supplier, they should have the engine ready to be dispatched.
• Ask if the dealer you are considering have their own set of engineers too, because there should be a second set of tests and checks on the engine. If they find anything wrong with the engine, they should either be able to rectify the same or replace the entire engine.
• It is important that each engine be accompanied with all the appropriate documents as well as guarantee.
While you could go around enquiring about all this, there is a much simpler method of locating the best rebuilt engine. Give Sharp used Engines a call and we will take care of all your needs for you!

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