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Used EngineFirst established in the year 1885, Audi was initially a single entity – however, the organisation that we know of today is an amalgamation of four companies. The name Audi came from the Latin word for ‘listen’, which is audire. It was only in 1910, that the actual Audi Automobilwerke GmbH Zwickau came into existence and in 1915, it became Audiwerke AG Zwickau.
The very first Audi vehicle was launched in 1915 and till date there are have been plenty of new models. The very first 6 cylinder model was launched in 1924 and was in instant hit. Today, owning an Audi is a symbol of elegance, great taste and a love for a fantastic machine. It would come as no surprise that anyone who owns an Audi, would want only the best for it.
Since the 1980s, Audi has been using the inline-five cylinder, 2.1/2.2 L engine and in the luxury versions, there is the W12 engine, from the house of Volkswagen. This engine is not only extremely compact, but allows for a whopping 12 cylinders, in the same space. So, when your car tells you that you need a new engine, quite obviously, you will want something that will continue to give you the same power and mileage.
At Sharp Used Engines, we ensure that you receive an engine that matches the power and prowess that you are used to. Irrespective of which model you own, we will be able to source the precise engine for you.

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We understand that you would want only the best for your precious car, and we also understand that buying a brand new engine would burn a hole in your pocket. This is where we come into the picture. Having created one of the largest directories of suppliers who deal in used or remanufactured engines, we will be able to find the precise engine for you, at a rate that will make you happy.
Our aim is to find an engine that matches your vehicular requirements as well as your pocket. However, in order to provide you with cost effective engines and spare parts, we will never compromise with the quality or efficiency. Our constant endeavour is to:
• Find the perfect engine for your car
• Source them from reliable distributors
• Ensure the engines are properly serviced and in prime condition
• Store the engines in proper conditions, ensuring no rusting or damage
• Offer engines that have proper warranties attached to them
We, at Sharp Used Engines, we have understood that instead of spending big bucks on advertising campaigns, it would make more sense to our clients, if we can offer them better services. This is why, we have brought together a team of experts, who will not only be able to advice you on the ideal replacement engines for your cars, but also answer all your questions with ease and accuracy. Unlike several other companies, our sales executives will not solve your queries with the help of a pre-rehearsed script; rather, they will provide answers based on their in-depth knowledge on the subject.
It has been our effort to build a network of Audi engine providers, who have a range of engines at their disposal, at any given time. This means that the moment you place an order, our team will jump into action and within a matter of days, you will have your order in your hands. So, if you are looking for a rebuilt engine for your Audi, consider us – give us a call, and let us help you out!

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