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We understand that your car is your prized possession and that you invested a lot of heart into it. We understand that you have spent a lot of time, taking care of it, ensuring that it is always running in prime condition. However, we also understand that at the end of the day, your car is a car and there is always the chance that it might stop working one day. While this would not be something out of the ordinary, it would be pretty difficult for you to handle, as the owner of the car.
At Sharp Used Engines, we can comprehend your worries and concern because it your beloved car that is in trouble. It is this deep rooted understanding that has allowed us to emerge as one of the leaders in the domain of selling remanufactured and used engines as well as transmissions.

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There are plenty of reasons why we differ from our competitors and just some of them are mentioned here:
• For us, a happy customer is the most important, which is why all our endeavours are undertaken with only that one consideration in mind. This is why we offer quality products, at a rate that will certainly make almost all our clients, extremely happy.
• We do not consider our work done simply because we are done selling the engine or transmission. This is why, we will always be there for you - whether you need assistance in deciding which engine would be ideal for you or how to take care of the engine, once it has been installed.
• There are car owners all over the world, who trust us, because we have an inventory that is beyond belief. This means, that no matter which car you own, then type of engine that drives it, will most probably be waiting for you to order it. As a matter of fact, we are so confident about our stock, that if you cannot find an engine with us, chances are that you might not find it anywhere else.
• Numerous service shops also choose to purchase remanufactured engines from us, because they are just as confident about our quality, as we are. Such service shop owners choose to collaborate with us, because they know that when our engines are installed in cars, there is little chance of the same issue recurring again and again.
• Even dealerships choose to join hands with us, because they realise that they can save immensely on rebuilt engines, when they purchase the same from us. As a result, they can transfer those savings onto their clients, creating a steady customer base.
• With us, the dealings are directly between you and us, because we choose to keep the middle man out of the equation.

Call Us Right now at: 1-888-289-0402

Here is a look at how we have earned our stripes:
Used engines are a great choice for people who have a tight budget to adhere to, because used engines are certainly much more cost effective as compared to new ones. In addition, each of our engines has proven to be extremely fuel efficient and given that our team is forever ready to answer all your questions, you should have no reason not to utilise our services.
While our used transmissions might have several miles on them, they are in no way, below par. As a matter of fact, we are so confident about them that should you not be happy, you can return the same to us.
We also hold an expertise in offering the widest range of remanufactured engines and transmissions. The remanufactured versions are actually as good as new ones, because all defective parts are either repaired or replaced and the entire unit is cleaned out thoroughly.
Sharp Used Engines also offers engine blocks and transfer cases, which means that you can choose the exact part that you need. So, if all you are looking to replace is the case for your engine, you can pick up an engine block from us. Our transfer cases will ensure that your car is up and running for a really long time. As mentioned before, our aim is to make our customers happy and we are willing to go all the way for that!

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